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Tennis Court Information

Tennis courts are open!

To purchase your tennis membership, replacement key,

or to make a tennis court reservation, CLICK HERE!

Membership registration is required to use the courts for the 2023-2024 Season.

You can purchase a TENNIS ONLY membership!

Reservations take precedence over walk-up users, in all cases.

Reservations for courts will continue to remain optional but highly recommended.


Whether using the court under a reservation or walk-up, the following apply:

  • Limit your use to 1 (one) reservation per day, per membership.

  • Only reserve 1 (one) court (one court is one net) at a time.

  • Only 3 (three) guests may accompany a member, and must use the same court.

  • Review any current health related rules before entering.

Tennis Court Keys

Members of the Pool & Tennis Club are given one key to the tennis courts when they sign up for the first time. Forward the membership purchase receipt to Mike Draudt at to discuss instructions for picking up your key.

Need a replacement tennis key? Replacement tennis key must be purchased on CivicRec. 

When the pool is closed: Once purchased, forward the receipt to Mike Draudt at to discuss instructions for picking up your replacement key.

When the pool is open: Present your key purchase receipt to the staff at the pool to obtain a key.


Scott Fong

(719) 321-8343    

It is not necessary to be a member of Pool & Tennis Club to sign up for lessons.  However, you will not be able to access the tennis courts at times other than your lesson.


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