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The pool is closed for the season!
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Pool Master Plan Updates

Sundance Hills Pool Master Plan Update

As you likely know, the Sundance Hills Metropolitan District (the "District"), which owns and operates the pool, tennis court and playground areas in Sundance Hills, received support and electoral approval from a majority of its electors to move forward with needed repairs, renovations and improvements to the pool and tennis facility (the "Project"). The District is moving forward with the Project, and as a first step has engaged Essenza Architecture, experts in pool and tennis design, to assist the District with the Project. The Essenza team includes architects, civil engineers, pool experts, and landscape architects, who will all be involved in assisting the District with the master plan, and may continue afterward with the design and eventual construction of the Project. Phase I of the Project, which will begin in February, will be the development of a master plan for the Project, setting forth the conceptual layout for the Project and to serve as a guide as the team moves into the design and construction planning phases later this year. 


To help guide the preparation of the master plan, the District Board has created a committee with representatives from all of the groups that use the pool and tennis facilities, and the community at large. The committee meets with the Essenza team on a regular basis (via video conference) to help guide the creation of the master plan and to provide recommendations for action to the District Board of Directors. The committee is composed of the District's Board of Directors, a representative from the tennis league, swim team, and Sundance Hills Homeowner's Association, and three additional at-large residents of Sundance Hills. 


Committee meetings will be held every other Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., beginning on February 11. Meetings are expected to last at least through the end of March, and likely into April, depending on the progress being made. The District's Board is aware that this time may not work well for everyone who is interested in either joining the committee or hearing about the pool project. Please remember that there are many consultants who will be working on this Project with varying schedules, and no time is perfect for everyone who might want to participate on the committee. If the committee time does not work for you, please feel free to attend the District's Board of Directors meetings, which are held at 5:30 pm, to hear the recommendations of the committee and the status of the Project. District meeting times and agendas are posted on the District's webpage. You may also provide feedback or ideas directly via the "Contact" page, or by emailing at or calling 303-482-1002.

The District is very excited about this Project and looks forward to working on the master plan with the community.




Board of Directors, Sundance Hills Metropolitan District

To register for your membership


Please review the newly revised pool rules, including reservation guidelines. 

Reservation Rules and Limits

  • Reservations are open seven (7) days in advance on a rolling basis. Every day at 7pm an additional day will open.

  • Each member can only reserve the pool three (3) times a week from Tuesday – Sunday. All members who plan to attend during reservation slot need to sign-up through the system. Choose your times wisely, as you cannot cancel reservations.

  • All reservations will be audited to ensure equitable membership usage.  Any member failing to follow the reservation limits may lose membership privileges.

  • Same day reservations do not count against your weekly membership reservation allotment of three (3) per week. You can reserve time slots until they are full.

  • Members who do not arrive within 30 minutes of their scheduled reservation start time will forfeit their reservation and be marked as a no show.

  • Walk up time slots:

    • Walk-ups are not guaranteed and are on a first come first serve basis for open swim.

  • Walk-up slots do not count against your weekly membership reservation allotment of two (2) per week

  • To be eligible for the walk-up you need to be a current member who has signed a waiver

  • At 30 minutes past the start of reservations times any no shows will be available to members that walk-up.

  • Walk-ups are required to leave the facility at the scheduled end times of the time slot.

  • When the facility is full, we will shut the gate and not let anyone in until the next reservation slot.


2020 Updated Pool Rules

**Please remember you may be eligible as a Greenwood Village resident for a $500.00 maximum annual reimbursement per household (primary residence only) - For annual memberships (12 months paid in advance): 50% of annual dues up to $500.


Here is a link to the Greenwood Village recreation reimbursement form.


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*Rocky Mountain Swim League has been cancelled for 2020.

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