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Exciting news!

According to a recent approved Arapahoe County variance granted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Sundance Hills Pool can now increase capacity to 100 people at a time, instead of 50 people, starting Saturday, July 4th! With this increased capacity, members can now reserve up to 3 three reservations per week (Tuesday - Sunday). 

To make your pool or tennis court reservation CLICK HERE!

Please review the newly revised reservation rules and limits, listed within the pool rules document. The updates to the rules are as follows:

  • Reservations are open seven (7) days in advance on a rolling basis. Every day at 7pm an additional day will open.

  • Each member can only reserve the pool three (3) times a week from Tuesday – Sunday. All members who plan to attend during reservation slot need to sign-up through the system. Choose your times wisely, as you cannot cancel reservations.

  • All reservations will be audited to ensure equitable membership usage.  Any member failing to follow the reservation limits may lose membership privileges.

  • Same day reservations do not count against your weekly membership reservation allotment of three (3) per week. You can reserve time slots until they are full.

  • Members who do not arrive within 30 minutes of their scheduled reservation start time will forfeit their reservation and be marked as a no show.

  • Walk up time slots:

    • Walk-ups are not guaranteed and are on a first come first serve basis for open swim.

  • Walk-up slots do not count against your weekly membership reservation allotment of two (2) per week

  • To be eligible for the walk-up you need to be a current member who has signed a waiver

  • At 30 minutes past the start of reservations times any no shows will be available to members that walk-up.

  • Walk-ups are required to leave the facility at the scheduled end times of the time slot.

  • When the facility is full, we will shut the gate and not let anyone in until the next reservation slot.

**More information listed on the pool information page.

The tennis courts are now open! 

Reservation for tennis courts is optional but highly recommended in order to help users comply with the 2020 Tennis Court Rules. Reservations take precedence over walk-up users, in all cases.


Whether using the court under a reservation or walk-up, the following apply:

  • Limit your use to 1-reservation per day, per membership.

  • Only reserve 1-court (one court is one net) at a time.

  • Only 3-guests may accompany a member, and must use the same court.

*Please visit the Tennis Page for more information

Step-by-step guides available for using the new online system:

Online registration guide

Special Work Session Meetings of the Board

Monday, July 20, 2020, 5:30 pm Board Orientation and Strategic Planning Meeting