Election Updates

The District is holding an election on November 3, which will be coordinated with Arapahoe County. This means you will only receive one ballot for all candidates and ballot questions, which will arrive by mail in the next few weeks, or can be voted at Arapahoe County Voter Service Polling Centers (VSPCs). The ballot issue 6A (Park and Recreation Debt) and 6B (Operations and Maintenance Mill Levy – Ad Valorem Taxes) will likely be located at the very end of the ballot. A TABOR notice will be mailed by Arapahoe County to the household of each eligible elector as well. 


View the Election Resolution and Resolution Advocating for Voter Approval of the District's Ballot Measures.


View information about the survey and long-range capital improvement projects.

View the 2020 Election Notice.


If you have questions about the voting process, voter registration, or the ballot issue 6A and 6B content, contact Sarah Shepherd, the Designated Election Official, at sees@ccrider.us or 303-482-1002. 


More resources about voter registration or mailing address can be found on the Colorado Secretary of State Election website:  https://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/elections

or the Arapahoe County website:  https://www.arapahoevotes.com